Is Your Website Operating Systematically?

Ty Brown on Pet Life Radio

In this day and age, nearly every dog business owner has a website.  The question is, though, are the websites actually driving real dollars into the bank accounts of these business owners?

In this interview Joshua Cary shares with us a systematic approach to make sure that you are capturing web traffic, getting prospects to click on your links, and then turning a higher percentage of those visitors into paying customers. This is a system that can be duplicated and used time and time again.  Listen to learn how.


    Joshua Cary is a pet sitting business owner, coach and author.
    He created the PetSittingOlogy Training Program and Blog as a way teach others how to start or grow their own pet sitting business.

    Joshua uses the methods he and his wife implement in their own New York-based pet sitting company — Alitia’s Animals.

    With a background in web design, Joshua has spent more than 11 years behind a computer building and developing websites for small business owners. He brings those very skills and talent to the table to help pet sitters work smarter (not harder) by increasing the role of a website within a pet sitter’s marketing plan.
    Joshua was able to reach the elusive six-figure mark in pet sitting services during the first year Alitia’s Animals was in business by simply harnessing the power of a well created and designed website.

    He has since co-founded the Association of Pet Sitting Excellence (APSE), an organization that provides pet sitters at all levels of their careers with the tools, skills and techniques needed to grow into a thriving pet sitting business.

    He greatly enjoys helping others succeed.