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Rick Clark of The Barking Zone Dog Daycare had a problem.  He wanted to start a dog daycare but he couldn't find the right building with the right zoning at the right price.  He came up with a unique and inventive idea to solve his problem.  His solution can help you too.


Rick Clark – President In addition to his role as president for the company, Mr. Clark is responsible for location development and training of all new franchisees and employees.  As of 2012, Rick has spent the last nine years perfecting The Barking Zone™ Dog Daycare System and is considered an expert in dog daycare operations.  Four of those years he was also the Kennel Manager at a large veterinarian clinic.Rick has had a love for dogs since his childhood.  He had always dreamed of owning a dog daycare and instilling the values and principals with which The Barking Zone is operated using today.  After graduating college, he began his search for the right location to open his first dog daycare center. 

Eventually, Rick developed the business model that became “The Barking Zone” – by combining his vision of a truly fun dog daycare operation with that of a veterinary clinic it could be something very powerful.  The credibility of the clinic with the fun and socialized atmosphere of the dog daycare operation would be a winning combination.  Before long, two of the community’s largest veterinarian practices had implemented The Barking Zone and were attributing a large portion of their success to the innovative business model.Today, The Barking Zone™ Dog Daycare System is a huge success and is being implemented in Veterinarian clinics throughout the Southeastern United States.  It is my desire to assist Veterinary Clinics across the United States and help add revenue to their businesses in addition to delivering a high-quality experience to the dogs who visit The Barking Zone.