Attitude is Everything

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Often in business we are told that it is important to have the right attitude.  But how does attitude translate into actual dollars in your bank account?  Listen in as Martin Deeley shares insider tips and secrets to having the right attitude, dealing with clients, and translating these skills into big money in your pocket.


    MARTIN DEELEY is an Internationally recognized gundog and companion dog trainer, writer and commentator. He specializes in spaniel and retriever training and is renowned throughout Europe and America as an authority on training both dogs and their owners.

    Some say there are those that can and those that can’t, teach. Martin is living proof that someone can do both. His ability to bring on good gundogs and also teach their owners is a rare talent.

    An Englishman, born in Yorkshire, Martin graduated with a Degree in Mechanical Engineering. After a successful nine-year career as an Engineer and Management Consultant, he lectured for eighteen years at Bournemouth University and in that time was appointed Head of The Business School. This solid business and educational background provided the professional vehicle for him to display his outstanding communication abilities training people and their dogs.

    Martin has trained both Spaniels and Retrievers in Britain as a semi and a full professional for both hunting and trials, where he ran at the highest level winning Open Field Trial awards. In Florida, America where he now lives, he runs in Hunt Tests and has successfully trained and handled his own and clients dogs at all levels. His love however is training and developing the perfect hunting companion.

    For Martin communication with dogs and people is an art and a gift. He has a unique ability to train and motivate both dogs and their owners, creating a desire to succeed.  His distinctive approach and personality is the catalyst by which he imparts skills and knowledge to those fortunate dogs or owners fortunate to work with him.

    In training videos, made with Paul French Videos, he works alongside Britain’s top gundog trainers providing his viewers with various philosophies and methods of working and training their own dogs. Martin has also produced two of his own videos in which he demonstrates and discusses his own training methods, Basic Gundog Training and Pet Training Through Retrieving. As a video commentator for field trials and tests Martin is without equal and has the ability to bring both the experienced and newcomer into the scene, sharing with them the joys and skills of working dogs. His abilities and personality have rightfully earned him the position of being Internationally acknowledged as the leading commentator for gundog events having provided commentary on over 80 International Championship Events.

    Martin is also the only journalist ever granted a personal interview with Her Majesty The Queen of England.  Martin considers this interview the greatest honor of his life because it reflected the confidence and trust that Her Majesty had in his integrity to fairly and honestly publicly portray Her, Her love of gundogs, and the effect that dogs have had in her life. This rare and unique interview was published in the leading British newspaper The Sunday Express, Britain’s leading country sportsman’s magazine The Shooting Times, and went on to worldwide distribution. He currently writes articles for leading American and European magazines and is a regular contributor to The Shooting Gazette, the AKC Gazette, Off Lead and the Texas monthly magazine City and Country Pets. His articles have been translated and published for devotees in Holland, Hungary, Austria, Switzerland, Denmark and Japan. The three books he has written, “Advanced Gundog Training”, “Working Gundogs”, and “Getting it Right with Gundogs”, are available in the U.S. in addition to Europe. In 2002 Martin was presented with the Dog Writers Association of America Special Award for the Best Training Article of 2001. A revision of Working Gundogs was published by Crowood press in May 2009 and has the foreword written by Cesar Millan.

    He is co-founder of the International Association of Canine Professionals. An Association dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of professional and business practices among canine professionals.

    In 2006 Martin wrote the foreword to his friend Cesar Milan’s first book and has since advised national Geographic on the aspects of the Dog Whisperer series plus acted as their spokesman both at the Press critics Conference and also on radio Interviews nationwide. In spring of 2008 he filmed the new Cesar Millan Training DVD in Hollywood with Cesar entitled “Sit and Stay, The Cesar Millan Way”. In this Training DVD Martin shows and explains with Cesar some of the basic obedience exercises required to train the family dog.

    In 2007 he completed 14 short training videos for Proctor and Gamble’s premier dog food Eukanuba with Jim Piddock of ‘Best in Show’. These training clips are now on the Eukanuba web site puppy training.

    Martin also appears regularly as a guest on radio shows throughout America. Talking on all matters related to dogs.

    A dog owner since the age of 11, it was Martin’s early love of shooting, the countryside and dogs that was instrumental in creating his desire to train gundogs. His understanding of  “dog sense and language“ is credited to thirty years of experience training and handling a large numbers of dogs, from a wide and broad variety of breeds and temperaments, and by owning and operating a gundog training kennel. His observation of the non-verbal communication given by dogs taught him to read dog, think dog, and speak dog.  His work now encompasses all breeds of dog and especially those as companion dogs.

    Martin, who is now internationally recognized as one of the leaders in dog training, looks to the future to serve and help owners and their gundogs create a relationship that will enrich both of their lives. He told Countryman’s Weekly that his award of Gundog trainer of the Year was a great honor and humbling “I never thought the British public thought of me that highly, it is a wonderful feeling to be recognized in this way. I enjoy what I do because I can share it with everyone who loves dogs as I do”