The Psychology of The Sale

Ty Brown on Pet Life Radio

What if there was a process that you could apply to every lead that comes into your business that gave you the absolute highest chance of closing the sale? Marketing expert Molly Rouse shares in this interview her 15-step process for taking an interested person and turning them into a sale. If you don't like selling or if you'd simply like to improve your sales process then this show is a must-listen. Make sure to have paper and pen handy, as these steps could literally be gold for your business.


Molly Rouse is the co-creator of the Marketing Blueprint for Dog Trainers and the website, which has free videos just for dog trainers on marketing their business.

She has been a full time, successful professional dog trainer for over ten years and is a small business marketing expert. She has always had an unusually keen fascination, understanding, and insatiable thirst for knowledge about small business marketing and everything that has to do with getting clients, so she was always able to grow her business leaps and bounds year after year applying what she learned. She has spent many years following some of the world’s most successful small business marketing geniuses, applying it all to her own dog training business, simplifying and structuring all of the processes that lead to her own success (after times of struggling, looking for solutions), and teaches other dog trainers how to really make it as a dog trainer.

She teaches new dog trainers and long-time dog trainers how to set up or revamp their marketing (including how to write their websites and programs, and how to stand out next to competition) so they can get all the clients they want, make more money and not get burned out in the process. Molly teaches dog trainers everything they didn’t learn already… they learned how to train dogs, but not how to get enough business. Helping people finally make money at the thing they love to do – helping people with their dogs – has been extremely rewarding for Molly personally. She loves making a difference.