Track Your Way to Success

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Adam Katz is a pioneer in marketing dog training services through the internet. He was a pioneer in creating the 'internet lifestyle' and traveling the world from exotic locations while his dog training courses were sold to thousands of people around the world.

When it came time for him this year to start a local dog training company he took his experience online and built his business up in a matter of months to a level that takes years for some.  One of the keys to his success has been tracking. Tracking his results and testing new ideas has allowed him to create success in a brand new town where he had no previous contacts or business dealings.  Listen in to learn how you can better track the results of your marketing efforts.


Katz Trains Dogs is owned by dog training author Adam G. Katz. Adam has been training companion dogs professionally since 1992 and is the author of nine dog training books and over 700 articles on the art and science of training dogs. He is a graduate of the University of California at Berkeley and has traveled the world and worked with top dog trainers in their respective disciplines. He continues to do that– having recently returned from living in Colombia, Panama and Costa Rica. He has trained dogs for: Obedience, Tracking, Protection, Police Work, Narcotics Detection, Search & Rescue, Schutzhund, Conformation, Agility and Therapy Dog Training.

Features and advertisements for Adam’s dog training information products have appeared in: DogWorld Magazine, DogFancy, DogSports, Men’s Health and others. When the Dr. Phil Show needed a personal protection dog for one of their segments on rape prevention… Adam is the guy they called. He has trained alongside most of the top working dog trainers over the past 20 years.

Adam’s philosophy is to try to learn everything he can; And then keep the best techniques and discard the rest.

Adam is the author of the best selling dog training book, “Secrets of a Professional Dog Trainer: An Insider’s Guide To The Most Jealously Guarded Dog Training Secrets In History!” as well as several dog training dvds, dog training audio lectures, videos, books and dog training information products for the professional dog training industry. He is the editor of and his company also owns – a site that documents exactly how he built and marketed South Bay K-9 Academy, a successful dog training business that Adam owned in Los Angeles, California during the mid-90's.