Facebook Dark Posts

Ty Brown on Pet Life Radio

Facebook Dark Posts.  Have you heard of them?  If not, you may be leaving lots of money on the table with what is becoming one of the most effective ways to harness the power of social media to grow your dog related business.  In this episode, Enrique Marquez takes us behind the scenes into what creates a successful Facebook Dark Post Campaign.

This episode has TONS of actionable items you can start working on today.  Make sure to listen.


Enrique, founder and head trainer at DogWorx, started his passion for dog training at the age of 7, after their parents surrendered his pet due to aggression issues. His quest has allowed him the chance to travel the world and draw from many world class trainers, from many disciplines-  primarily in the IPO / K9 field, and from his service in the military, where he served honorably during multiple combat tour deployments around the world. His expertise in the K9 and working dog world have allowed him to bring a unique approach to behavior modification and rehabilitation, as well as the sport dog world.  

His business ventures, along with a natural knack for technology, have allowed him to excel in the little known world of Social Media Marketing, where he has enjoyed a great level of success. He currently advises and manages social media campaigns and strategies of cutting edge dog companies, and is working with Sean O'Shea and Jeff Gellman to develop social media & SEO marketing courses designed specifically for entrepreneur dog trainers, as part of their internationally renowned "Train the Trainers" seminar series.