Build Your Tribe

Ty Brown on Pet Life Radio

When most people get into the dog business they aren't thinking of building a tribe. But whether you're a groomer, trainer, walker, sitter, or other dog professional our businesses are built on relationships.  Relationships with dogs and relationships with their people.

The better we build community around that concept the more we grow.  But what is the most effective way to do that?  In this episode Ted Efthymiadis explains how you can create your own tribe around ideals that you define.


Ted Efthymiadis is a dog trainer based in Halifax Nova Scotia Canada.
His is a man filled with passion. Passion for many things but mainly rehabilitating aggressive dogs and training people in the areas of dog training and business. Ted makes his services available locally to dog owners and around the world to dog trainers via skype, seminars, DVD's and shadowing programs.

"My goal is to be of service to others, dog or human, I don't discriminate. I live to help others in business and those who are in needing help with their aggressive dog. As my business tagline states. Great with dogs, even better with people."