Ty Brown on Pet Life Radio

Why go to all the work of creating a customer list when you can borrow the customer list and credibility of other businesses in your area.  Fred King and his distributors are masters at teaming up with local businesses, learn how you can do it too.


    I am 58 years old and live 15 miles outside Boston. I attended Boston University (graduated in 1974) and with the exception of a few years after graduation have lived in Boston since.

    I have a background in sales and marketing. I worked for several sporting goods companies. One in the tennis industry and one in ski industry. I was the Director of Marketing for GEZE a German ski binding company in the late 1970’s.

    I started DogWatch Inc. 20 years ago in 1990. I have always been interested in animals and my wife was an animal tech at the time we met. We presently have 3 Australian Sheppard’s, 2 cats  and 2 horses.

    In the late 1980’s I decided to start a company to compete with the Invisible Fence product. At that time there were no competitors and we became the second company in the industry. By the mid 1990’s there were over 10 companies in the industry. Today almost all of those companies are gone and we are the largest competitor to the Invisible Fence Brand. Both companies sell thru a network of authorized dealers who provide installation and training. We sell thru 225 dealers in the US and in 15 foreign countries including Australia, Argentina, Canada, England, The Netherlands, Hungary, Israel, South Africa, New Zealand and others.