Oh, Henry and Other Shaggy Dog Stories

Victoria Shaffer on Pet Life Radio

Tom Leopold, Manhattan based comedy writer, performer, and novelist tells 'laugh out loud' stories about family life with his three dogs in the city. 


"When it comes to comedy, Tom Leopold has an extra gene," said Christopher Guest. You may not know it, but veteran comedy writer Tom Leopold has probably made you laugh.

From writing episodes of SeinfeldCheers, and Will and Grace, to working with such comedic legends as Steve AllenBob HopeLucille BallBilly CrystalChevy Chase and Christopher Guest, Tom has been at the epicenter of comedy for nearly forty years, while maintaining the same size britches he wore in 1969.

Tom's latest novel, Milt & Marty: The Longest Lasting & Least Successful Comedy Writing Duo in Show Biz History (Virgin Books, 2008), was praised by Catherine O'HaraMartin ShortPaul Shaffer,Martin Mull and Fred Willard, among many others.

Tom recently wrote The Mark Twain Awards Honoring Tina Fey andThe Mark Twain Awards Honoring Will Ferrell, and has also been writing comedy speeches for such political folk as Retired Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor, Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and Govenor Mark Pence of Indiana. (It's true!)

Tom is currently producing episodes of Explosion Bus that he co-created with Jonathan Katz and Tom Snyder of "Doctor Katz Professional Therapist" fame.

Mr. Leopold lives in New York City with his lovely wife Barbara and their two daughters.