Jon Patch on Pet Life Radio

Does your dog have stinky breath?  This week Jon Patch talks to Jacqui Rosshandler, President of Woofmints. Woofmints are super effective breath fresheners for your pooch.  The organic peppermint and parsley oil dissolves in your dog’s stomach providing fresh breath from within. Results expected after approximately 7 days of consecutive use. The oils in the gel caps dissolve in your dog’s stomach and mouth providing freshness from within.  They are all natural, vegan and gluten free.


An Aussie export turned New Yorker, Jacqui’s main job as President of Jacquii LLC is to spread confident, kissable breath.

Looking up at the mountains of Verbier, and feeling not so fresh after a, shall we say “spirited” New Year’s eve, she wished there was a breath freshener that worked internally, was all natural and fun to use.

Over the next 3 years she created a boutique version of the product, selling in niche stores like Colette (Paris), Zitomer, C.O, Bigelow and Rickys (NYC) and Terry White Chemists (Sydney), as well as on global websites Amazon, Victoria Health, and Shopmasc.

In 2010, Jacqui met the former CEO of Topps (famous for manufacturing baseball cards, ring pops, bazooka and garbage patch kids) Arthur Shorin, who “got” the product instantly, and a new growth chapter began. Together they will not stop until every person in the world can eat whatever (including onion and garlic!) and feel confident and kissable when they get that late night bootie call.