Crowded in the Middle of Nowhere

Jon Patch on Pet Life Radio

This week Jon Patch talks to Dr. Bo Brock, author of Crowded in the Middle of Nowhere. What do you do when you have a goat in your kitchen in the middle of the night? Why should you never put a pig in your mouth? With humor and heart, seasoned Texas veterinarian Bo Brock answers these questions and many more in his lighthearted collection of autobiographical essays, crowded in the middle of nowhere.


Bo Brock, a seasoned West Texas veterinarian, jokes that his new book, Crowded in the Middle of Nowhere, has a lot in common with the TV show Seinfeld: both are a lot about nothing! Readers, however, who have howled through the funny parts and wept through the touching pages, would disagree. Bo Brock's first book Crowded in the Middle of Nowhere published in May 2014 has been as high as #5 on the Amazon Best Selling Humor List.

The book is a collection of remembrances from a veterinarian in a small, dusty farming and ranching community in West Texas. Bo's unique perspective and tales of doctoring beloved pets and cantankerous livestock will make you smile, laugh, cry and evoke every emotion under the sun.

Dr. Brock, best known as a veterinarian and adjunct professor at Texas Tech University can now add "author" to his curriculum vitae. He has a thriving vet clinic in tiny Lamesa, Texas, (population 9,207), sometimes referred to as "the middle of nowhere." Bo's passion is equine medicine and he is well known across four states for doctoring everything from expensive race horses to everyday ranch horses and every kind of horse in between performing approximately 1000 equine surgeries a year. Bo graduated magna cum laude from Texas A&M and was voted equine practitioner of the year for the state of Texas in 2007.

Dr. Brock says, "All we hear about through the media is the bad stuff; I want to give Americans something to smile about with my book Crowded in the Middle of Nowhere." No doubt his humor and perspective of doctoring people's most beloved treasures will make you smile throughout.

Like the image on the cover of his book, Dr. Bo Brock is indeed a "Rare Bird." Crowded in the Middle of Nowhere by Bo Brock, available on