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Talkin' PetsJon Patch, host of Talkin' Pets

Jon Patch
Talkin' Pets Show Host


Chase Away K9 Cancer

Cera Reusser on Pet Life Radio

Cera Reusser

Jon Patch welcomes Cera Reusser, founder of Chase Away K9 Cancer.  Like many worthwhile organizations, the Chase Away K9 Cancer campaign finds its beginnings at the end of a great love and loss. And, like a Phoenix rising from the depths of sorrow, works to provide new hope and promise for many, now and in the future.

Propelled to action by the loss of Chase, her beautiful black Lab and determined to find a cure for this devastating disease, Cera set off on a mission to do all she could to help in this crucial battle. She decided that she could be a hero for Chase. Her efforts through fundraising and organizing have made a huge difference in the fight against canine cancer. Her example has helped many others to join in this valiant fight.

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