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Pia Silvani, host of Teacher's Pet on Pet Life Radio

Pia Silvani
Teacher, Trainer & Author
St. Hubert’s Animal Welfare Center

Training Session #2 – Eye Contact –
When, How and Why?

To teach anything, you must first have your dog’s eye contact and attention.  Everything you will do with your dog builds on this exercise.  This is your foundation for getting reliable behaviors.  When you say your dog’s name, your dog should look into your eyes.  He should not continue doing what he was doing nor should you have to repeat his name over and over.  You should get a good solid look into your eyes, not a glance, not a look at your treat pouch, your hand or elsewhere.  Pia will go over techniques to get your dog to “want” to look at you, even when you don’t ask.

What happens when you take the leash off your dog?  Does he run away?  How insulting!  Pia will teach you an exercise that will help keep your dog near you and wait for permission to leave your side, regardless of whether the leash is on or off.  Putting the leash back on a loose dog should not be a punisher for the dog.  You will practice this exercise as Pia talks you through each step.

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