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Pia Silvani, host of Teacher's Pet on Pet Life Radio

Pia Silvani
Teacher, Trainer & Author
St. Hubert’s Animal Welfare Center

Reaching The Animal Mind What The Clicker Training Method Teaches Us About All Animals

Jackie Fahey

Jackie Fahey

When potential adopters go to a shelter, they are looking for a family dog that will live with them for many, many years, giving them great joy and happiness.  Rescuing a dog from a shelter is so important since shelters are designed to house dogs for short periods of time, not for long periods or, even worse, indefinitely.  The emotional health of the dog is critical during housing to ensure that the dog's quality of life remains stable.  Not all dogs kennel well and their behavioral health can suffer as a result.  So, before you are quick to pick the dog you feel sorry for, think twice and ask questions.  Jackie Fahey will be discussing the importance of temperament testing and maintaining good emotional health for shelter dogs.

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