That Dog Dancing Guy

Sam Ratcliffe-D'Arrigo on Pet Life Radio

This week Sam chats with Kevin Newman, aka That Dog Dancing Guy from Melbourne, Australia.  Kevin is your go-to-guide for the world of Dances with Dogs, dog training, responsible pet ownership and animal welfare. Pet blogging with a down under twist!


For as long as he can remember Kevin’s life has revolved around dogs. One of his earliest memories is the car ride home with a tiny fox terrier puppy nipping at his hands when he was about three years old; his love of dogs has only grown since then.

He’s been blogging about dogs for years which led him to a social media role since 2011 with The Lost Dogs’ Home, one of Australia’s largest animal welfare organisations which was established in 1913.

That Dog Dancing Guy is his way of sharing his love, and knowledge, of dogs with the world and features everything you need to know about Dances with Dogs including training videos in his Dog Dancing Basics 101 series, as well as exploring the world of pet ownership, training, behaviour and animal welfare.

Kevin’s love of photography started in his university days but really took flight once purchasing his first Digital SLR camera, a Canon 600D, and of course having two gorgeous puppies to photograph, Cynder and Sprocket. Taking his camera nearly everywhere with him, especially to dog training classes, meant his love of pet photography developed and he enjoys being able to find just the right shot to capture a moment and the personality of the subject.

You can also catch him every Friday on the airwaves on JOY 94.9 bringing you Pets-A-Loud with The Lost Dogs’ Home team. Tune in from Noon for one hour of radio covering all topics relating to responsible pet ownership from wet nose to wagging tail.