The Importance of the TNR Program

Sam Ratcliffe-D'Arrigo on Pet Life Radio

Las Vegas Boxer Rescue, Inc. is a non-profit Boxer rescue based out of Las Vegas. . All of our rescued Boxers are in FOSTER HOMES and are not kenneled at a facility. This way, the dogs receive one on one care, as well as the love attention that only comes from being in a family environment. We learn their likes, dislikes, and temperament and can address any illnesses or behavior problems quickly. They live indoors with our own pets, as they are our very own!


In October 2008, Clark County adopted ordinance 10.06 for the managed care of feral cat colonies. This ordinance is effective in unincorporated Clark County only.  On  March 7, 2012, the City of Las Vegas adopted Title 7.22  for the managed care of feral cat colonies.

While these ordinancse enables the management of feral cat colonies and provide legal protection, the ordinances do not provide funding or personnel. Clark County through Animal Control and the private sector through many individuals and organizations has been working very hard to address the needs of feral cats for many years. In the best of times the needs have totally overwhelmed the resources available. These are not the best of times, the resources are tighter and the needs are greater. Extra resources through the existing sources are simply not there. The untapped resource we do have available is the people who have been trying to care for the cats on their own without support and those who want to help but just do not know what can be done.

My main effort is outreach and education. The formation of neighborhood groups to manage cats has worked well and I support these groups however I can. Part of my current effort is to work with HOAs and property owners to gain access for those who want to establish TNR (Trap, Neuter & Return) projects. We as a community of people who care about the cats are the only resource with the scale required to make a difference. With the current resources stretched as they are it is vital that expansion is done in a careful and planned way.

If you would like to contribute to this effort please contact one of our Supporting or Sponsor groups. They can direct your efforts to the best way to help. With over 200,000 feral cats in Clark County we have a lot of work to do.