Rocking Comedy's Crazy Jay

Sam Ratcliffe-D'Arrigo on Pet Life Radio

This week Samantha has a rocking' fun time with Crazy Jay from the Rocking Comedy Radio Show!  The Rocking Comedy Radio Show is a weekly Internet radio show featuring comedians, actors, bands, musicians and more, and voted the Best Podcast in Las Vegas by The Las Vegas Weekly.


“Crazy” Jay began his radio career June 15th 1992 on the station 93.5 KFCR and 90.1fm KBPK.  Jay was a huge fan of the Dr. Demento Show and in fact it was Dr. Demento that gave him the name “Crazy” Jay. I heard a song when I was a young listener called She Grabbed My Coconuts by Barry & The Bookbinders I requested it for weeks, and he just wouldn’t play it, and when he finally did he said this is for Crazy Jay of Anaheim who would have to be crazy to request this next one as much as he has!”

Jay took the Dr. Demento show ideas to his show played funny music but started interviewing many of the local artist on the show that would submit funny songs and have them come to the show and do them LIVE in the studio. The first song Jay played on the first episode was Successful vegetarian by The Uninvited, and they would become one of the most requested artist in the history of the “Crazy” Jay Show

“Crazy” Jay started putting together live shows together with many of the artist on the show, and would pack the houses. In 1999 Jay hosted a show where his special guest was Tommy Chong, and later that year he brought comedian Rusty Warren out of retirement and gave her the Crazy Jay Show Lifetime Achievement Award at the Brea Improv. In July of 2000 Jay packed up his studio and moved to Las Vegas.

2000 in Vegas changed the show because he didn’t have the access to many of the artist that he use to, and he did not want to go back to just sounding like another Dr. Demento Show, it changed several times over the years, but it was August of 2004 when the show really changed for the best.

August 2004 the start of The Rocking Comedy Show. “I changed it from the “Crazy” Jay Show to The Rocking Comedy Show and made it a podcast. I started having special guests to come on and co host. Then I mixed in funny news, bits, main stream music with the comedy, interviews and more!” 2007 was when his first official co-host came on board Mad Mike. Mike became apart of the show for two years and it took the show to even another level it had never been at.
2009 Mad Mike walked away from the show, and Paul “Spazz” Sperrazza stepped in and to change it up even more they added Angie as the first ever Rocking Comedy Show newsgirl. Angie left after about a year and then Lisa W came on board as the next news girl.

2011 Another change came and that was Rebekah the newest news girl and a “FANTASTIC” choice for the show. Rebekah was an instant hit with Jay and Spazz, but also the fans! Now in 2013 “Crazy” Jay gets ready to celebrate 20 years of being “Crazy” the show is bigger and better then ever before with 30,000 listeners a day. The Show is LIVE 4 days a week, and he pays respect to Dr. Demento every Sunday morning with an all request Silly Sunday Show that Jay says “This show is to remind everyone that if it wasn’t for the good doctor and all his demented tunes, I would never of done this…and it’s been a great ride!”