Rockin 4 Rescues Fundraisers

Sam Ratcliffe-D'Arrigo on Pet Life Radio

Sam chats with Pam Webb founder and creator of Rockin 4 Rescues Fundraisers. Her company specifically raises money for animals in need. Pam and her three dogs Mater, Sesi, and Shrimpy Doodle raise money through fundraisers and the sale of their products. To date they have raised thousands of dollars for many rescues and individual medical cases.


Rockin 4 Rescues is a Charity event(s) to raise funds for non-profit 501c3 Animal Shelters..As most of you know, we do a annual fundraising event called Rockin 4 Rescues... Rock -N-Roll mixed with raising funds for our furry friends. So far we have raised over $25,000 in funds along with donating food, blankets, beds, collars, leashes, toys, towels, detergent, paint, anti-bacterial soap, hand sanitizer and LOTS of Poop Bags!!! which ALL of it has gone to Project Rescue Chicago, The Dachshund Rescue of North America, Katie's Fund ( a foster dog who needed medical attention) and Southern Nevada Bully Breed, Las Vegas Hot Diggity Dachshund Club & Rescues, Southern Nevada Beagle Rescue and No Kill Las Vegas. In the past our event has been private , This year we would like to expand and do some public events, maybe a golf tournament, pool party, bowling, themed social hours etc.