Little White Dog Company

Sam Ratcliffe-D'Arrigo on Pet Life Radio

Sam chats with Kristen Corral,  founder of the Little White Dog Co.  At Little White Dog Co. they hope to inspire a love of all animals through their IPTouch Massage, Pet Sitting and many other Services.  They know that your pets are part of the family and they treat them as such. Most people think of Dogs and Cats when they think of  family pets but they have experience with a variety of other pets like birds, reptiles, etc.


Growing Up in Orlando, FL I  knew early on I had a special bond with animals. With three cats of our own, my family always  managed to feed and take care of  all the neighborhood strays.  Over the last couple years I realized that I was spending most of my free time taking care of all my friends' animals in addition to my own two dogs and two cats! It dawned on me I should make a career out of it. I am a  graduate of the IPTouch animal massage and care program at UNLV and I am excited about what this will bring to the Las Vegas pet community. I work with many local organizations such as Nevada Political Action for Animals where we work on legislation to better the laws for animals in our state. I also foster and volunteer for A Home 4 Spot Dog rescue. I hope that my love for animals and their well being shines through in my work.