Rescuing & Returning Galgos to Their Rightful Place in Our Hearts

Sam Ratcliffe-D'Arrigo on Pet Life Radio

Tina Wales-Solera founder and owner of Galgos Del Sol calls in to the show from Spain. We revisit the progress she’s made in the last year with her Galgos rescue. The Galgo Español or Spanish greyhound is an ancient breed and a member of the sighthound family. Despite being called a “greyhound”, the Spanish Galgo is not closely related to the English or Irish Greyhound, the lineage of the two breeds being different.



I am Tina Solera, the founder and president of Galgos del Sol. Four years ago, my family and I moved from the UK to Murcia, Spain. I spent my time raising our two toddlers, training for triathalons and acclimating to a new culture. One day, however, I came face to face with a stray galgo looking for help.

It's hard to explain the connection that I felt but when he looked at me with his soulful eyes and stretched out that needle nose, I knew my life had changed forever. Galgos del Sol is now responsible for over 100 galgos and additional podencos and mixed breeds. We are a licensed charity in Spain as well as the UK, and a 501(C)(3) in the US.