Go Cat Go

Sam Ratcliffe-D'Arrigo on Pet Life Radio

To quote Daniel 'DQ' Quagliozzi of Go Cat Go, 'Cats live in the meow'. DQ is a cat behavior consultant and founder of Go Cat Go. He's the man with an action plan and he's the 911 call you make when your cat starts thinking out of the litter box. Enjoy the show, Sam The Queen of Rock n Roll Dogs.


When cat guardians in the San Francisco Bay Area are in peril, they look to the behavior consultant that breaks the mold.They seek the Man with the Action Plan!

Breaking all the typical “cat guy” stereotypes, Daniel “DQ” Quagliozzi is the Behavior Consultant behind Go, Cat, Go – San Francisco’s leading in-home resource for cat behavior advice.

With over a decade of experience working for the San Francisco SPCA as a specialist in cat behavior, intake and adoption, Daniel brings a breadth of knowledge and a compassionate approach to his clients, sharing what he has learned on the front lines of animal welfare.

“Unraveling the mysteries behind the feline message has always fascinated me. I think people misunderstand just how complex feline emotions and body language can be. You literally have to stop yourself from projecting your own feelings on to your cat. Never take it personally! It’s not always about YOU!”

“Once you slow down and pay attention to what’s happening “in the now”, you can understand what cats are trying to communicate. Separating your own expectations from the best interest of a cat is a challenge. We are only human, after all! I can help you read the writing on the wall. However, I may have to use a black light to help you see it.”

Originally from New Jersey, Daniel “DQ” Quagliozzi resides in San Francisco, where he has been living the “California Dream”, doing what he loves by his own rules. He shares his private time with his mischievous stubby-legged Siamese cat, Cubby.

He has taught cat behavior seminars for the San Francisco Disaster Animal Response Team, as well as monthly classes on feline body language, aggression and fear for the cat volunteers of the San Francisco SPCA