That's Incred-A-Bull!

Sam Ratcliffe-D'Arrigo on Pet Life Radio

Sam welcomes Jessica Clemens, founder of the Incred-A-Bull Organization. They discuss one of the services offered by Incred-A-Bull and that is their Owner Support program. They understand that sometimes even the most well intended dog owner finds themselves in need of a little help. Help in keeping dogs with their families is the goal of their Owner Support. Through this program they assist dog owners with basic supplies such as food, collars, leashes and dog houses. They have also installed shade sails for outdoor dogs, provided one on one training consultations to frustrated owners and built dog runs to get dogs off tethers. If you are committed to keeping your dog and need a little assistance in the Las Vegas area let them know. They are dedicated to keeping your dog from being surrendered only to become a shelter statistic.


Jessica has called Las Vegas her home for over two decades. After working  as a volunteer in animal welfare for a couple of years, Jesica saw the need  to create an organization that would advocate for a group of dog’s that are the opposite of their reputation in popular culture and Incred-A-Bull was born. When not working on behalf of pit    bull dogs, Jesica enjoys spending time with her family, traveling and attending concerts.