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Did you know that there are currently over 15,000 working elephants throughout the world? Helana Telkanranta, Executive Director of Elephant Experts visits with Marcie and Whistle about the work her Finland-based organization is doing throughout the world to improve the welfare of elephants and the safety of their handlers. Helena talks about the onsite training and management of working elephants Elephant Experts is currently doing in Nepal and other countries. She also gives you some incredible insights into these amazing working animals including the varying species, social behaviors, and ways they communicate.

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Elephant Experts on Pet Life Radio

Helena Telkanranta, the Founder and President of Elephant Experts, has a long professional background in using scienctific knowledge to develop win-win solutions to improve animal and human welfare.

Our work is based on shared values of East and West, such as compassion for sentient beings and an appreciation of knowledge. Learning from each other, across cultures as well as across professions, is an integral part of the way we work.

Currently most of our activities focus on our ongoing program in Nepal. We work together with the government, NGO's and the tourism sector, in order to achieve a nationwide, sustainable transformation to elephant-friendly handling and care in Nepal. At the same time, we are looking for resources to respond to the requests we receive from other countries to start similar programs.

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