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Canine Works Tirelessly with the Yolo County, California District Attorney’s Office to Serve Child Abuse Victims

Lori Raineri & Daisy on Pet Life Radio

Lori Raineri & Daisy

Canine Victim Advocate, Daisy, works with her handler, Lori Raineri and Cameron Handley, Director of the Yolo County District Attorney’s Office Multi-Disciplinary Center (MDIC), and her staff to help children who have been victims of crime. The MDIC is a facility where child victims of sexual abuse go for forensic interviews, medical evidentiary examinations, advocacy, assessment, therapy and support services. Cameron, Lori and Daisy stop by to visit with Marcie and Whistle to discuss how Daisy helps to reduce the trauma that child victims often experience. You’ll be amazed at what an exemplary employee Daisy is and all the ways Daisy helps the children, family, and staff of the Yolo County DA’s Office! CSI has nothing on Daisy!

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