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Through a Dog’s Eyes II

Lisa Panish on Pet Life Radio..........

Lisa Panish..................... ...

Lisa Panish, mom to 7-year-old twin boys, Chase and Connor, talks to Marcie and Whistle about her family’s incredible journey to Canine Assistants where they were united with service dogs, Oakley and Nadia. Lisa talks about their unique experience and the incredible impact these dogs have had on Chase and Connor, their school, and their entire family and community. Can you imagine being a mom to two 7-year-olds with disabilities and their two service dogs, and starring in a PBS Documentary? How in the world does she do it all? Lisa’s experience is truly inspirational!

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Milk Bone on Pet Life Radio


Chase and Connor on Pet Life Radio


Chase and Connor Wilson  are identical twin boys with cerebral palsy. Both boys wear braces on their feet and need assistance with walking. The boys are in 2nd grade in Largo, Florida and will be 8 years old in January. They received service dogs from Canine Assistants on behalf of Milk-Bone and Delta Airlines approximately one year ago. Chase's dog, Oakley, is a Golden Doodle and a gentle giant. Chase says almost every day, "It is I Love You Oakley Day." Chase says his favorite part about Oakley is that he is the best pillow he has ever had. Nadia is a golden retriever/ black lab mix, and Connor's favorite thing to do with Nadia is playing ball with her. 

Their mother, Lisa Panish, says that both dogs are utilized as companions  to boost their self esteem and for physical support. Nadia comes when called for Connor to stand up if he falls, and Chase is working on his goal with Oakley to replace his walker and canes, and walk with a cane on one side and Oakley and a harness on the other side. Chase had a major surgery in May at Shriners Hospital in Tampa, where he had both hips placed back in the sockets. He was in a body cast for 6 1/2 weeks. Oakley was an integral part of this healing process and did not leave his side. In the past year, Oakley and Nadia have already exceeded Lisa's goals on what she hoped these dogs would bring to her boys lives. 

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