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Working Like Dogs on Pet Life RadioMarcie Davis, host of Working Like Dogs

Marcie Davis
Assistance Dog Expert
Award-winning Writer

Victory Ranch - Where the Great Pyrenees
and Alpacas Live!

Victory Ranch on Pet Life Radio..........

Victory Ranch..................... ...

Carol Weisner, Darcy Weisner, and Brian McGill stop by to visit with Marcie and Whistle about their gorgeous Victory Ranch in Mora, New Mexico, the largest alpaca ranch in the Southwest United States. Carol, Darcy, and Brian talk about the magnificent Great Pyrenees working dogs who heroically work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to watch over the alpacas and protect them from coyotes and other predators. They also talk about all of the exhilarating activities currently happening in celebration of Victory Ranch’s 20th anniversary. Visit and you can meet the Great Pyrenees and participate in daily feedings of the alpacas,  take part in an onsite fiber workshop that includes spinning or weaving classes, and  get a copy of the Great Pyrenees children’s book, Zeus’ Adventure.

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Victory Ranch on Pet Life Radio


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