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Oprah’s Ultimate Favorite Things and Paws and Stripes!

Lindsey Stanek on Pet Life Radio..........

Lindsey Stanek..................... ...

Lindsey Stanek, Executive Director of Paws and Stripes, gives us the behind-the-scenes scoop about how she and husband and Iraq veteran, Jim Stanek, along with his assistance dog, Sarge, became unknowing guests on "Oprah’s Ultimate Favorite Things Show!" Of course it was a well-deserved honor, considering the work Lindsey, and her husband do at Paws and Stripes, a unique organization that works with local animal shelters and trainers to select dogs to be partnered with veterans who have post-traumatic stress disorder and/or traumatic brain injuries.  Come backstage and learn how Oprah pulled off the amazing once-in-a-lifetime gift fest that upstaged Santa this year!

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Oprah's Ultimate Favorite Thing on Pet Life Radio


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