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Working Like Dogs on Pet Life RadioMarcie Davis, host of Working Like Dogs

Marcie Davis
Assistance Dog Expert
Award-winning Writer

Move Over NCIS and Check Out These Amazing K9 Private Investigators!

Karin TarQwyn  on Pet Life Radio...............

Karin TarQwyn ..................... .

Karin TarQwyn and her working dog team ( are recognized as America’s number one Pet Private Investigators. Karin talks with Marcie and Whistle about how she trains her tracking dogs to locate and recover lost animals ( Did you know about Karin and her dogs are nothing short of remarkable! No wonder their valiant work has been featured on Animal Planet and the Dog Whisperer’s…Cesar’s Way, CNN and other television shows and newscasts. Listen in and you will definitely gain some valuable tips that could literally save your working animal’s life!

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