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Working Like Dogs on Pet Life RadioMarcie Davis, host of Working Like Dogs

Marcie Davis
Assistance Dog Expert
Award-winning Writer

Man and Canine - Living Life to the Fullest

Bob Vogel  on Pet Life Radio...............

Bob Vogel..................... .

Bob Vogel, journalist, photographer and Senior Correspondent for New Mobility (NM) magazine, drops in to visit with Marcie and Whistle. Bob talks candidly about his decision to train his first service dog, Yeager, and the choices he made when it was time to get his second and current German shepherd service dog, Schatzie. He also talks about his popular article, “Service Dogs: Training, Rights & Responsibilities” which appeared in the August 2011 issue of NM ( Bob has a wealth of knowledge about living life to its fullest as a successful journalist and dad who utilizes a manual wheelchair and an incredibly well-trained service dog!

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