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Wynn With Dogs!Raquel Wynn, host of Wynn With Dogs

Raquel Wynn
Certified Personal Trainer
Animal Massage Therapist

Get In Touch With Your Pup!

.Nicole Wilde........

Nicole Wilde


All bodies are made up of cells moving, nerve impulses firing, and energy flowing.  Even though energy cannot be seen, it can in fact, be measured...and used for healing!  Best of all, anyone can tap into this energy and use it for healing.  Whether a novice or an experienced energy work practitioner, you will be sure to love this episode of “Wynn with Dogs”.  Join Raquel as she talks with Nicole Wilde, author of the fabulous new book, Energy Healing for Dogs, Using Hands on Healing to Improve Canine Health and Behavior.  Nicole is an experienced dog trainer, author, and reiki master, and she is full of fascinating information.  Add more tools to your pup’s “health tool belt” and you too can win with dogs! !

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