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Wynn With Dogs!Raquel Wynn, host of Wynn With Dogs

Raquel Wynn
Certified Personal Trainer
Animal Massage Therapist

Revolutionary Rover Rehab!.....

.Dr. Jeffrey Kozak

Dr. Jeffrey Kozak


Massage therapy, chiropractic care, acupuncture, hydrotherapy, cryotherapy, range of motion exercises...not for humans but for our dogs!!  Discover the latest in pain management and canine rehabilitation as Raquel speaks with Dr. Jeffrey Kozak, MD, and CEO of the Canine Health Institute.  In the words of Dr. Kozak, “whether you are a dog or a human, injuries and surgeries cause pain and inadequate pain relief delays and inhibits the recovery process.  The same approaches used when caring for humans are available to diagnose and improve the quality of life for man’s best friend.”  Here, here!  We second that opinion!!  Listen in on how to improve your pup’s longevity and win with dogs!

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