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Wynn With Dogs!Raquel Wynn, host of Wynn With Dogs

Raquel Wynn
Certified Personal Trainer
Animal Massage Therapist

Four Legs and a Soul ......

Brooke Baxter

Brooke Baxter


Join Raquel as she speaks with animal communicator, reiki master, and natural horse woman, Brooke Baxter.  Brooke is the founder of "Four Legs and a Soul", her healing practice devoted to bringing balance to our four legged companions, thus enhancing our connection with our furry friends.  reiki, healing touch, massage, and aromatherapy, are just a few of the natural healing modalities  that have certainly helped many a soul heal and achieve peace and balance.  Integration of the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies makes for a harmonious, healing state of being.  this harmony is vitally important to sustain a healthy, happy life.

Listen in as Brooke shares her experience and will most certainly be able to apply some of Brooke’s fabulous knowledge and win with your dog! 

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