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Wynn With Dogs!Raquel Wynn, host of Wynn With Dogs

Raquel Wynn
Certified Personal Trainer
Animal Massage Therapist

Be as Fit as Fido!......

Dawn A. Marcus, MD ........

Dawn A. Marcus, MD

All dog lovers know that we can learn a thing or two from our furry friends.  Dawn A. Marcus, MD, author of Fit as Fido, thinks we can learn how to be healthy, happy beings if we simply follow our dogs’ lead.  That’s right, all we have to do is eat, play, sleep, and socialize just like our pups and we will be on our way to a healthier lifestyle.  In fact, just having a dog around leads to lower blood pressure and cholesterol! Listen in as Raquel chats with Dr. Dawn about her background as a medical doctor; her approach to healthy living, inspired by her wheaten terrier, Wheatie; and her hot new book, Fit as Fido.

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