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SIMPLY PETS RADIO (formerly known as Your Pets My Dogs) with Host Lisa Smith Putnam  {LSP}is excited to welcome you to our new show!

We have changed our name to broaden our brand and reach, but it is still the same 'ole loving talk radio show that you have come to love and know!

Some of our lives are on the run, others stay at home. Some are young and some are old. Many are different hues of the rainbow, but ALL of us have one thing in common, we love our “PetKids” as they are, and they’re vital and beloved members of our home! Simply Pets Radio celebrates the bond and lifestyle PetParents have and live with their PetKids! Episodes spotlight pet health, well-being, fascinating animal stories--some funny, some sad, some uplifting–and all teaching us a thing or two.

Our Host Lisa Smith-Putnam {LSP} seems to ask the questions we want to have the answers too. It‘s as if for each interview we are there in the studio with her. Sharing your passion, your concerns…inspiring each and every one of us to do better and be better today than we were yesterday!

You name it and Simply Pets Radio is talking about it!  With celebrities, everyday pet owners, specialty occupations within the animal kingdom (animal psychics, pet massagers, etc.) any and all things we find intriguing.  We spotlight animals all over the world and the humans that are the caretakers of this planet that we share with such wonderful creatures, the ones that are domesticated and the ones that are still able to roam and want to be free. 

People are saying, “You must listen to Simply Pets Radio”-  “ it is a fun, informative show and it’s a keeper”. Once you take a listen, we think you will agree! With our fun filled shows, we promise you will want to laugh, share and play with us everyday!  

Episode 42 - Aziz Kadmiri - My Pooch Face

This has got to be one of the most rewarding shows that Host of Simply Pets Radio Lisa Smith Putnam {LSP} says she has done to date. Why? Mr. Aziz Kadmiri who Lisa welcomes to the show is such a gentle spirit and a fantastic artist! During this delightful interview you really get to know Aziz and you will understand why his passion for what it is that he does has made him one of the most celebrated artists! The portraits that he does are absolutely phenomenal!

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Episode 41 - The Pet Safety Crusader!

Simply Pets Radio and Host Lisa Smith Putnam {LSP} is thrilled to welcome Denise Fleck of the Pet Safety Crusader’s to the show. Denise is truly one of our heroes as she has made it her mission to make sure that all people know how to save the life of an animal. Why do we love Denise so much? She is Pet Parent Dog Mom to eleven and Cat Mom to one over the years. In the Spring of 2017, she will embark on a first-of-its-kind 10,000-mile Pet Safety Tour through the Southern U.S. We hope she will come back and share with us some of the great events from the road! What’s not to love about this awesome woman?

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Episode 40 - 3 Snaps for John Lund!

Come with us to a world of pure imagination! Yes, we are borrowing a line from the movie “Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory”. Why? Because today Simply Pets Radio show welcomes Mr. John Lund!

When our host Lisa Smith Putnam first saw Mr. John Lund’s work she fell in love! John creates wonderful masterpieces with the camera and with his creative artistry on his computer. To see John’s work is truly the opportunity to see a work of art! John has found a wonderful way to blend his love of animals to his love and passion of photography! This is a great interview and believe it or not, it comes with some great visuals! How do we show you visuals during a radio show? Ah-Ha…we could tell you, but we think you will appreciate it more if you take a listen! Let us know what you think! We always love hearing from you!

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Episode 39 - Dr. Joel

Simply Pets Radio welcomes Dr. Joel Ehrenzweig to the show today. We are pleased that Dr. Joel took time out of his busy schedule to speak with us today. He is a man of extraordinary knowledge about the world of Veterinary medicine and shares one of the latest products on the market that he feels is a “game changer” for so many of our wonderful PetKids and animals.

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Episode 38 - Monsters & Miracles

Every now and then you stumble across a person with such fantastic story that you wonder why you have never heard of them. We are pleased to share with you today an interview with Mr. Gary Kaskel here on Simply Pets Radio (formerly Your Pets My Dogs) with our host Lisa Smith Putnam.

Today Lisa speaks to Gary about his latest project Monsters & Miracles. Monster & Miracles is superb read and sheds a tremendous amount of knowledge and love about Mr. Henry Bergh. After several years of researching Mr. Henry Bergh the founder of ASPCA-Henry Bergh, he wrote an historical novel based on Bergh’s life entitled "Monsters and Miracles."

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Episode 37 - Jeremy Cohen Pet Attorney for Boston Dog Lawyers

What makes for a great show? Well, take a listen as we believe that a great show is where you can be entertained and walk away with some important information about the subject at hand or in this case, the subject at 'paw'.  Today we welcome attorney Jeremy Cohen to the Your Pets My Dogs radio show!

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Episode 36 - You Don't Know Djak

Our Host Lisa Smith Putnam for the Your Pets My Dogs radio show speaks with Jovana Djak this week. Jovana Djak is a 31 year old who seems to have the world by the tail. She is focused on meeting strangers on Facebook (ok, so they're not total strangers becauseas she says, we all have the dogs in common- in this case French bulldogs). Jovana concentrates on our need to connect to people, and how these people are less strangers that even those we know in real life, because for years we have been part of each other's lives, through the dogs. This is a fascinating show as we look at sharing our love of animals through one of the biggest social mediums out there. We all learn a little something with show and WE love it!

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Episode 35 - The Pet Protection Legal Care Plan

Americans love their pets, and our precious companions need to be protected, safe, and secure. The Pet Protection Legal Care Plan™ book, which includes the Pet Protection Customized Care Agreement™, offers a simple, easy-to-follow process to help pet owners create a pet estate plan. Our Host Lisa Smith Putnam and Your Pets My Dogs is all about protecting our pet kids if heaven for bid something should happen to us. Our guest Mary G. Anderson is the founder of Pet Protection Legal Care and this insightful interview will leave you feeling secure and at peace with the thought of knowing that you have provided care for your pet kid in the event of ones untimely death. Your pet kid will not end up with someone who doesn’t love them or worst at a shelter where they might risk death. Mary has four reasons why we all do or think about planning an estate with our pet kids in mind. Our favorite one from Mary is …' Pets need us to protect and provide for them'.

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Episode 34 - Paws Up! It's Arden Moore!

Your Pets My Dogs with our host Lisa Smith Putnam is pleased to welcome Arden Moore to our radio show. Arden is a fellow radio host here on Pet Life Radio and you will enjoy this show as Lisa and Arden 'ham it up' on air! Yes, they talk about our wonderful pets and yes, Arden shares with Lisa some really interesting and fun facts about animals especially cats. Did you know that you can actually identify the demeanor (lap sitter or avid hunter or a curious cat by the shape of their face, yes it is true! This show is full of fun and laughter, plus you get to learn some great stuff!

SO, enjoy as two radio mates and pals have some fun! We promise it will leave you laughing and saying, “wow, I didn’t know that!"

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Episode 33 - Diane Rose-Solomon and JJ: Teaching Children About Compassion

Today on Your Pets My Dogs our host Lisa Smith-Putnam welcomes award winning author of children’s book Diane Rose-Solomon. Lisa and Diane immediately bond and have a delightful conversation as Diane speaks about helping pet loving families teach their children compassion, patience, consistency, kindness, responsibility and unconditional love through her wonderful books- JJ The American Street Dog and JJ Goes To Puppy Class.

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Episode 32 - Talking with Dogs & Cats

Have you ever wanted to be like Doctor Doolittle?You know that fabulous animal doctor/communicator that enjoyed being able to speak to the animals? Right…if you love animals, who hasn’t dreamed of this being a reality? Well, look no further, our host Lisa Smith-Putnam welcomes the awesome Tim Link animal communicator to the show. Not only does Tim share with you about what he does and how he does it, he shares with YOU- yes YOU, how you too can communicate and understand your pet kid. So tune in and have some fun. We promise you that you will also learn a thing or two about the fur kids in your life!

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Episode 31 - Mermaid Melissa

Your Pets My Dogs with hostLisa Smith-Putnam welcomes Mermaid Melissa to this weeks show! This is a “WOW” show! We know, we know,  we tell you every week how great of a show we have in store for you, but this week words can not even describe what you are about to hear. This week we are very excited to share with you our interview with Mermaid Melissa. She is truly one of Lisa’s favorite guests. Mermaid Melissa is such a delight! We love how passionate she is regarding her love of planet and what she does to protect it starting with our marine mammals.

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Episode 30 - A Whale of a Show!

Your Pets My Dogs is ALL about whales today as we welcome Mr. DJ Schubert from the Animal Welfare Institute (AWI) to the show! That’s right we are talking about whales! Everything you have always wanted to know about these mammals will probably be answered here today on our show. Ok, maybe not everything, but this show is one of our favorites because our host, loveable Lisa Smith-Putnam has fun discussing and asking Mr. DJ Shubert about the lives of these magnificent creatures.

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Episode 29 - MAX

Host Lisa Smith-Putnam welcomes to the Your Pets My Dogs show for the first time Writer/Director and Executive producer of a wonderful family action film called Max (released by Warner Bros.) Mr. Boaz Yakin. These days there are not many movies where you can take the whole family and have it be entertaining for all. Well, we think that our guest today got it right! Boaz Yakin has a fun filled conversation with our host about how special that and  wonderful the human /animal bond can be together.

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Episode 28 - The Wolf

Your Pets My Dogs discusses one of our favorite wild life animals on the show today!  We discuss The WolfYour Pets My Dogs  with our host Lisa Smith-Putnam welcomes to the show this week, wolf expert Nancy Gibson.  Ms. Gibson is the Co-Founder of the International Wolf CenterMore information about Ms. Gibson and the International Wolf Center can be found at  http://www.wolf.org. Enjoy the show!.

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Episode 27 - It's Positively Victoria Stilwell!

The new season of the Your Pets My Dogs radio show! We are excited to welcome you back! We appreciate you and our wonderful host Lisa Smith-Putnamwho makes what wedo so much fun!   Thank you to everyone for tuning in and allowing us to come into your lives on a weekly basis. We LOVE what we do and we hope that it makes a difference in your life to the positive!

Speaking of “positive” our first show is the wonderful, talented, and beautiful inside and out Ms. Victoria Stilwell!  Ms. Stilwell is a world-renowned dog trainer best known as the star of the international hit TV series It's Me or the Dog.

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Episode 26 - Happy Holidays!

We here at Your Pets My Dogs want to say THANK YOU to all of our listeners.  Our Host Lisa Smith-Putnam hopes you enjoy this very special Christmas show that we created especially for you.  Be safe this holiday season and give love to all.

We give special thanks to Bill Guy our engineer, our support staff, You our wonderful listener and to Pet Life Radio for a fantastic 2014 year!  Life is what you make it and we feel pretty darn great and fortunate to be able to do the things we love to do!  We will be back in 2015 with more fun, creative and exciting shows

Merry Christmas, and Happy Holidays from our family to yours!

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Episode 25 - A Show of Thanksgiving

We here at Your Pets My Dogs are THANKFUL for you our listening audience. YOU wonderful pet/animal lovers make the world a better place!

If you have enjoyed listening to the Your Pets My Dog Radio Show certainly you will find this show of Thanksgiving among one of your favorites. Our lovable host Lisa Smith-Putnam in this Thanksgiving special chats it up with some of her favorite people as they share stories about their pets and why they love them so!

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Episode 24 - Libby Speaks

Hello everyone! We are excited to present this latest and greatest program to you on the Your Pets My Dogs radio show! Our loveable host Lisa Smith-Putnam interviews author John Sheirer and it is truly one of our favorite interviews to date. This is a must listen for any lover of life and surely that of animals.

We all know that dogs have a special wisdom that makes them among the most beloved creatures on earth. Libby Speaks by John Sheirer provides a rare look into one miraculous canine mind as Libby, a happy and lovable Border Terrier, gives us her gift of insight about life's mysteries. John Sheirer's stunning photographs provide the perfect backdrop for Libby to share her wit and wisdom with readers young, old, and every age in between.

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Episode 23 - Through Frankie's Eyes

You talk about one passionate lady and a lady who loves life and animals? Then you must be talking about Ms. Barbara Techel! We here at Your Pets My Dogs must say we love when we here from YOU our listeners and you share with us a person that you think would make for a marvelous interview! Our loveable host Lisa Smith-Putnam really enjoys this interview with Barbara Techel- please take a listen and find out why.

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Episode 22 - Earth Island

Your Pets My Dogs fans we are excited that our loveable host Ms. Lisa Smith-Putnam was so excited to bring you this show! Lisa loves all animals; however this is the first time that she has been fortunate enough to do an interview about some of our aquatic animals.  Today we welcome Mark J. Palmer to the show.  Mark is the Associate Director of Earth Island Institute.  Anyone who dedicates their life to helping those who do not have a voice all their own whether it be an animal or a human is a friend of this show! Welcome friends! We truly hope you enjoy this show.

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Episode 21 - In the Company of Animals

Today on the Your Pets My Dogs show our host Lisa Smith-Putnam welcomes Dr. James Serpell. Have you ever wondered why your pets will do certain things? Acts a certain way towards other pets? Ever wonder exactly what they are trying to tell you? Well- ASK no more! Dr. James Serpell answers some of those questions and much more. Our favorite question and answer is why do little dogs have such a “big dog” complex! Ha-ha-ha…are you laughing yet? We hope so, as we have fun with Dr. Serpell and learn so much about our human interaction with our pets…it is on one of our favorite shows.

Dr. Serpell’s main field of study is behavior and welfare of companion animals; development of human attitudes to animals; history of human-animal interactions; measurement of behavioral phenotypes in dogs and cats; ontogenesis of behavioral problems in companion and working dogs; animal-assisted therapeutic interventions…. Yes, Dr. Serpell is truly a gentleman and a scholar and we are so thrilled to welcome him to our show!

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Episode 20 - My Eternal Family Tree

Lisa Smith-Putnam host of Your Pets My Dogs welcomes another Lisa to her show this week. Lisa Brambilla is the creator of BioUrn and the president of My Eternal Family Tree.  Lisa Brambilla has a great of love for animals and even a great passion about life.

This amazing woman after losing one of her pets wanted to celebrate  life and came up with what our host Lisa Smith-Putnam thinks is a blessing to all who have suffered a loss and a fantastic to way to celebrate their life through this unique product.

We are celebrating life and chatting it up with Lisa Brambilla and we must confess, this show truly rocks! We know you are going to love it! Let us know what you think! Better yet, show Lisa Brambilla some love and let her know what you think - you will be glad that you did!

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Episode 19 - Tails Untold

Do you love books? Do you love pets? Well…? We know you love Your Pets My Dogs and WE love you! Then you do not want to miss this episode! We promise you –YOU will not be disappointed. Need the perfect gift idea for the pet parent who has everything or that grandchild or your child as a keepsake…well, our loveable host Lisa Smith-Putnam is at it again for YOU!  Lisa has found the fabulous Susan Lyman, creator and founder of Tails Untold Personalized Pet Books!

But ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls - this isn’t just any ole’ pet book! It brings your pet into a real life adventure story…yes, it’s true! Susan personally oversees and puts together your book- It is a beautifully illustrated, 20-page, hardcover, coffee-table keepsake book. Tune in, take a listen and then go and order your book today… It will make a wonderful addition to any collection! Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and tell a friendJ! facebook.com/YourPetsMyDogs And if you are into that tweeting thing Tweet us @yourpetsmydogs.

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Episode 18 - Beat Bad Dog Breath Without A Toothbrush

Your Pets My Dogs wants to know can you say Woof! Woof!  Yes you can! And we believe if you take a listen to this great interview with our fantastic host Lisa Smith-Putnamand Kainoa Clark one of the members of the OraPup All Star team - your dog will be saying it too!  After all Woof! Woof! is your dog’s way of saying THANKS! Thank you to you!

If you love your pets like you love your kids, then you’ll probably want to hear all about the Orapup, which is a doggy tongue cleaner that promises to combat bad doggy breath by getting rid of it, right at the source.  No one loves anything better than having your dog run up to you and give you a great big ole’ doggy kiss!  But-HOLY MOLY, doesn’t the “love” dissipate quickly when you get a whiff of your pup's bad breath? We know that YOU know EXACTLY what we are talking about…we think all will agree that smelly dog breath is the worst!  

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Episode 17 - Big-Foot/Sasquatch - Man, Legend, Animal or Beast? Part 2

We pick up from part one of our Bigfoot ~ Sasquatch interview is it man, legend, animal, or beast? Our Host Lisa Smith-Putnam gets first hand accounts from our two investigative reporters Jeffrey Gonzales and Allen Thomas. Jeff and Allen are experts on everything Big-Foot! Sasquatch, so we are excited to have them on the show!

Don’t worry if you missed the first show, feel free to go back in the archives and listen anytime! You can still enjoy this episode without having heard the first show! We promise YOU that you  will not be disappointed. Maybe a little scared to go out in the woods, maybe or maybe not! But disappointed…heck no!

Enjoy! This is a new year for us here at Your Pets My Dogs and we have lots to bring you. Don’t  forget to let us know what you think and share with us any stories /people you would like  Our Host Lisa Smith-Putnam interview. We love our listening audience and we always aim to please!!

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Episode 16 - Big-Foot/Sasquatch - Man, Legend, Animal or Beast?

Join us with our season opener for 2014 as our Host Lisa Smith-Putnam interviews Jeffrey Gonzales and Allen Thomas from Paranormal Central. In a Your Pets My Dogs exclusive and our first two part interview ever, we discuss BIG-FOOT! Yes, Sasquatch! If you are NOT a believer then that’s okay, but Lisa does a comprehensive interview with these two investigative reporters and we gotta tell ya –yes, that’s right! We are believers’ now… so, take a listen and then you must tell us what you think!

Oh! One more thing: “… In 2012 A team of scientists can verified that their 5-year long DNA study, currently under peer-review, confirms the existence of a novel hominin hybrid species, commonly called “Bigfoot” or “Sasquatch…”

Are you scared? Are you intrigued?  Got ‘cha…now you must tune in!

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Episode 15 - Lorenzo Borghese - A Prince of a Guy!

We are pleased to announce that our Special Guest is Prince Lorenzo Borghese! Prince Lorenzo Borghese is the Prince who Loved Animals. You might know him from The Bachelor television show etc., but we know him from his pet products~ Royal Treatment! Royal Pet Club was founded by Prince Lorenzo Borghese, whose family has been in the cosmetics industry for over fifty years.

Lorenzo is also involved with many animal welfare organizations including the Humane Society of the United States, North Shore Animal League and is an honorary animal welfare Ambassador for the ASPCA  This caravan brought awareness to this country’s use of the gas chamber in 31 states and also resulted in saving 188 dogs from a high-kill Georgia shelter.

Can we say more? Yes! We can say a lot more, but why don’t you just listen to the show? So we love our Prince Lorenzo Borghese. He is certainly a Prince to us here on the Your Pets My Dogs radio show! Our host, Lisa Smith-Putnam has fun and finds out that she and the Prince have a lot in common when it comes to the animals they love and support. Enjoy the show!

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Episode 14 - Old Dog Haven

Your Pets My Dogs along with our Host Lisa Smith-Putnam welcomes Judith Piper. Judith along with her husband Lee is the Founder and Executive Director of a fabulous organization called Old Dog Haven! If GOD could only make a few more Judith's in the world, what a life it would be for ALL dogs/fur babies that need care in their senior age. Bless her and her organization for what they do! Many great dogs are awaiting a new home with just the right family.

Every senior pet and animal should have the opportunity to be loved and have love till the end of their days...if this makes sense to you, then you don't want to miss this show. Our Host Lisa Smith-Putnam explores all the reasons why someone might surrender their senior pet(s) with Ms. Judith Piper and believe you me, it or not as Lisa found out, the reasons that you might be thinking. Enjoy the show

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Episode 13 - Relaxation Music for Pets

Your Pets My Dogs welcomes Janet Marlow to the show. Did you know that an estimated 1.5 million dogs (just in the U.K. alone) currently suffer from Home Alone syndrome? It is known as separation distress the condition can leave pets, but especially dogs, feeling traumatized by the whole experience as a young child would be. Its not just humans that suffer on a Monday mornings return to work, pets all over the world suffer too!  What can we do? Well, search no further for a cure…Janet Marlow to the rescue.

You will not want to miss her and Lisa talking about music, life with their fur babies and more. This show will make you smile and laugh. Who knows? You might even feel like singing. … WOOF to you!

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Episode 12 - Crowd Funding For Animals

Meet Bruce Van Heel! Bruce is a man who is passionate about one thing…ANIMALS! Having success with various internet start-up companies and knowledge of, Bruce has created a specialty crowd funding platform called CrowdFunding For Animals. Yes, you read it correctly- Crowd Funding for (4) Animals… A Crowd Funding company that specifically deals with raising money for animals!

Bruce shares with Lisa’s audience the excitement of this company launch and why it is so important to him and he believes you, the wonderful pet owners of the world. As he puts it, Crowdfunding4Animals.Net is a community of crowds that help to spread the word, pledge and/or do both to help find the needed funds to care for the health and well-being of pets and animals who need help. This is a specialty platform that serves both private non-profit groups & pet owners alike. He hopes that many people will tune in and spread the word for those who might need assistance or who knows, you might want to give assistance to someone who has a wonderful animal that just needs a helping hand. As the song says, “we get by with a little help from our friends…”

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Episode 11 - Discover the Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner of Champions!

That’s right CHAMPIONS! We have on the Your Pets My Dogs radio show today with our host Lisa Smith-Putnam, Dr. Tim Hunt! Well, what can we say? Veterinarian, Sled Dog racer, family man, animal lover and advocate and the Creator/Founder of Dr. Tim’s Pet Food, we think he knows a little something, something about animals and the food they eat? We are glad to welcome him to the show!

Tune in to the show today as Dr. Tim Hunt has some great insight on many things concerning the welfare of your pets big and small. Really, this guy LOVES animals He and his wife Mary live on 50 acres in Michigan's Upper Peninsula with four house cats, two house dogs and 40 outdoor dogs. What could be better for these animals? There dad is a Veterinarian and he has his own pet food company! WOOF to Dr. Tim Hunt! Tune in and you will see why we love him too!

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Episode 10 - Animal Totem Guides: Messages for the World

Your Pets My Dogs is pleased to welcome to the show today - Franki Storlie! Franki Storlie is a talented shaman, healer, teacher and now we can add author to her credits. Her belief is that every person has at least nine power animal totem guides that surround their spirit. They walk beside you to protect, guide, teach and communicate wisdom to you through your soul and heart.  They are like guardian angels, from either the domestic or wild animal kingdoms, and include birds, fish, reptiles, and insects. Franki focuses on our partners, the animals, to connect us to his or her power animal guides and above all, to connect all of us to our spirit heart and soul. 

It is her heart’s desire that with her new book Animal Totem Guides:  Messages for the World the reader will come to understand the importance of connecting with our Totem Animals and also recognize and appreciate the earth, the elements, the trees, and above all, the animals. This is a fascinating interview; we invite you to listen in to this very special interview with our host Lisa Smith-Putnam and Franki Storlie. Besides you don’t want to miss finding out Lisa’s Totem animals…you will never guess!!

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Episode 9 - Bocker T Labradoodle

WOOF! With his captivating head tilt, human eyes and penchant for community service, Bocker brings smiles everywhere he goes. What can we say about Bocker the Labradoodle that has not been said before? He is handsome, he is kind and he is smart! Mother Nature did some of her best work with this wonderful four legged lovely animal that we have come to know and love by just one word~ BOCKER!

So, join us by listening to this fun loving interview and hear the delightful stories of Bocker and the many ways he is reaching out and pawing (touching) so many lives. Our Host Lisa Smith-Putnam has a delightful conversation with Bocker’s human mom Marie Shelto. A delight in her own right who unselfishly allows Bocker to be in the spotlight for the wonderful things that he does…we think they are both pretty incredible giving and loving spirits!

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Episode 8 - Breathe Again

It's all about the air we breathe! 'Since the first caveman noticed that his cave started smelling like week old Brontosaurus, man has tried different ways to make his dwelling smell better...'    Present day we use chemicals to make the room smell cleaner or more sanitary, but it actually does the opposite.  Your lungs don’t like vanilla flavored chemicals any more than they like breathing dirty air. Filtering is a little like herding cats.  It may be a great filter but getting the dust to cooperate and go THROUGH the filter is the hard (if not nearly impossible) part.

Oh SURE the answer sounds simple but the process is complicated and delicate.  Is it thunderstorms that emit the chemicals and conditions to purify the air we breathe? Well, these are the questions that we get the answers to from William Converse president and inventor of the Critter Zone Air Purifier.

Our host Lisa Smith-Putnam wants you to know that the Critter Zone is “a blessing” and helps us humans as well as our pets (our family) co-exist in an indoor environment by bringing that “outdoor” environment to you indoors! So, check out this episode! Lisa has not steered you wrong yet!

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Episode 7 - The Nose Knows!

Does your dog get excited and nervous during a thunderstorm? Are they anxiety ridden when traveling or? If they do, then it is a must that you listen to this show. Vicki Rae Thorne a certified aroma therapist and master herbalist founded a wonderful company in 1996 called Earth Heart.

So, if you want some great stocking stuffer ideas or you have family coming for the holidays and want your pets to be a little calmer and happier this is the show for you. Feedback from dog lovers and professionals are coming in from all across the USA and Canada showing that Earth Heart mists provide safe, easy, effective solutions for over 90% of dogs. But you don’t have to take our word for it-listen to the show and then order up a batch for yourself! Let Vicki know our host Lisa Smith-Putnam sent you and take advantage of the BOGO order especially for the YOUR PETS MY DOGS listeners! ENJOY!

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Episode 6 - Tail-Wagging Tunes

This interview will perhaps make you smile. It might even make you cry, but it is an interview that YOU won’t want to miss. Host Lisa Smith-Putnam thoroughly enjoys speaking with Skip Haynes - CEO of The Laurel Canyon Animal Company. The Laurel Canyon Animal Company is the only record company that we know of in the world that creates music about, for and with animals. Did you catch that? They consult with the animals and THEN they make music based off of what the animals say!

Skip has made music and creating music with and for animals his life passion. Your Pets My Dogs celebrate Skip and his company. Here’s another treat for you…during the show if you listen closely because Skip is a music guy, Lisa talks about a few of the superstar artists that she has had the pleasure of working with over the years. We don’t want to brag…but Lisa won’t, so we will. Have you ever heard of  digital underground or Tupac Shakur? Yep-just to mention a few. That’s Lisa!

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Episode 5 - Doggy Hair Nets & Petworking on the Net

Fred Rembert the CEO of Doggy Hair Net is not afraid to let his passion shine through. In this interview you will hear about Fred’s wonderful love of animals, zest for life and about his wonderful Doggy Hair Nets. All pet owners who struggle with what to do when your beloved pet keeps leaving hair everywhere, might want to listen up.  Make sure you give a listen and then head to doggy hairnet to find out how you might receive a free Doggy Hair Net for you pet! www.petnetplace.com Enjoy the show!

Lisa Fimberg has done it! She is the Mother of social networking for our pets. We know we have your attention now. Lisa has figured out a way to blend our love of animals with our thirst for informative and up to date information about our pets.  Lisa wanted Petpav to be a site that was foremost social networking and then informational.  A site that covers everything pet related.  This is a forum to get advice directly from other pet owners.

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Episode 4 - Drinks All Around!

Elizabeth Hanson is the Founder and President of Tröff™ Pouch. She sits down with our Host Lisa Smith-Putnam here on Your Pets My Dogs this week and discusses a subject dear to her heart! Hydration for your best friend!

It is easy to see why Elizabeth is so passionate about the Tröff™ Pouches she loves animals! Your Pets My Dogs is always honored when we have the opportunity to speak with people who are truly making a difference in the lives of our pets and has only their best interests at heart.

Elizabeth has become a passionate advocate for the importance of canine hydration and thermoregulation. She says, “…love your pets, keep them properly hydrated, stay informed and enjoy the adventure together…” Sounds like A YOUR PETS MY DOGS kinda gal! We love Elizabeth and hope you do too…enjoy the show!

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Episode 3 - Healthy Paws for Happy Pets

You will NEVER look at Pet Insurance the same way again. We would not steer you wrong on this one folks.  We believe so much in our pets being protected that we went out and found one of the best companies we believe for Pet Insurance. We ask them the hard questions regarding Pet Insurance that you TRULY want to know the answers too!

Chief Pet Protector/ CEO Rob Jackson joins Lisa Smith-Putnam (LSP) on Your Pets My Dogs and speaks openly and candidly about Pet Insurance.  As a BONUS for our wonderful YOUR PETS MY DOGS listener, Healthy Paws Pet Insurance & Foundation is offering a SPECIAL discount just for you! Pet parents who are interested in learning more about Healthy Paws pet insurance plans may visit www.healthypawspetinsurance.com and enter the code LSP for your special discount on your new Pet Insurance plan!

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Episode 2 - The Dancing Chef

Well, what can we say? Join us this week as we welcome Chef Lovejoy Cole. Chef Lovejoy Cole is not only an amazing personal celebrity Chef; he is a lover of all animals. Well, he himself is just a love! This week he shares with Your Pets My Dogs stories about his best friend (his dog) Junior and teases us with some wonderful snack recipes that are simply delicious for not only us humans, but your pets as well.  You must hear the secret he shares with Lisa that he hasn’t even shared with Oprah!

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Episode 1 - We Have the Champion!

You thought you knew everything about the Alaskan Iditarod? Well, maybe you do! But join us as we feature the 2012 Champ, Dallas Seavey, as we learn not only about him and his dogs, but life out on the trail as well!

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