Animal Totem Guides:
Messages for the World

Lisa Smith-Putnam on Pet Life Radio

Your Pets My Dogs is pleased to welcome to the show today - Franki Storlie! Franki Storlie is a talented shaman, healer, teacher and now we can add author to her credits. Her belief is that every person has at least nine power animal totem guides that surround their spirit. They walk beside you to protect, guide, teach and communicate wisdom to you through your soul and heart.  They are like guardian angels, from either the domestic or wild animal kingdoms, and include birds, fish, reptiles, and insects. Franki focuses on our partners, the animals, to connect us to his or her power animal guides and above all, to connect all of us to our spirit heart and soul. 

It is her heart’s desire that with her new bookAnimal Totem Guides:  Messages for the World the reader will come to understand the importance of connecting with our Totem Animals and also recognize and appreciate the earth, the elements, the trees, and above all, the animals. This is a fascinating interview; we invite you to listen in to this very special interview with our host Lisa Smith-Putnam and Franki Storlie. Besides you don’t want to miss finding out Lisa’s Totem animals…you will never guess!!