Discover the Breakfast, Lunch
and Dinner of Champions!

Lisa Smith-Putnam on Pet Life Radio

That’s right CHAMPIONS! We have on the Your Pets My Dogs radio show today with our host Lisa Smith-Putnam, Dr. Tim Hunt! Well, what can we say? Veterinarian, Sled Dog racer, family man, animal lover and advocate and the Creator/Founder of Dr. Tim’s Pet Food, we think he knows a little something, something about animals and the food they eat? We are glad to welcome him to the show!

Dr. Tim’s Pet Food has fed the Champions of the greatest race on earth, the Alaskan Iditarod! Not only has Dr. Tim’s Pet Food fed the 2012 Iditarod sled dog winners (musher-Dallas Seavey), but also the 2013 Iditarod sled dog winners (Musher-Mitch Seavey). And in case you are wondering, yes Mitch is the father of Dallas Seavey. At 50 years of age he makes racing in the great sled race look easy. Mitch will be joining us later on this season, but for now we are excited to welcome the man who helps make the team (no pun intended) MUSH!

Host Lisa Smith-Putnam has great fun with Dr. Tim in the studio and it looks like they are teaming up to bring you a broadcast next year from the 2014 Iditarod! Now that sounds like fun.  Oh, and don’t miss out on the newest monthly feature starting soon on the Your Pets My Dogs radio show with Dr.Tim called “Ask Dr. Tim”. We guarantee you are going to like it!   Call in and get your Vet questions answered, the doctor will be in and listening. Until then you can “Ask Dr. Tim” any veterinarian questions you may have on the Your Pets My Dogs Facebook page every Tuesday.

Tune in to the show today as Dr. Tim Hunt has some great insight on many things concerning the welfare of your pets big and small. Really, this guy LOVES animals He and his wife Mary live on 50 acres in Michigan's Upper Peninsula with four house cats, two house dogs and 40 outdoor dogs. What could be better for these animals? There dad is a Veterinarian and he has his own pet food company! WOOF to Dr. Tim Hunt! Tune in and you will see why we love him too!


Dr. Tim Hunt has practiced veterinary medicine for 22 years and raced sled dogs for over 17 years. As a veterinarian and accomplished musher and the Founder and creator of Dr. Tim's Pet Foods he understood his dogs' need for a food that promoted stamina, endurance and performance through proper digestion.

Being recognized as an expert on all aspects of pet health and a staunch advocate for the welfare of all animals. He and his wife Mary live on 50 acres in Michigan's Upper Peninsula with four house cats, two house dogs and 40 outdoor dogs. His experience in the Iditorod and other endurance races convinced him that animals perform best on a diet that replicates their diet in the wild.

Ever stop to wonder what is in the food you feed your dog or cat? Most people don't, but Dr. Tim Hunt has got it down to a science. Dogs and cats aren't made to eat the highly-processed foods most of us feed our pets, says Dr. Tim Hunt.

Armed with a cement mixer, a cache of ideas, and an aversion to mass marketed pet food; he went to work in the garage of his home in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. His goal: to create a food that replicated a natural, wild diet for his Alaskan Huskies. Dr. Tim's Pet Foods is a family-owned and operated company that produces pet food through a family-owned facility in Lisbon, Ohio. Gone are the days of his original backyard setup, but his days of providing an honest, nutritionally-sound food made from the highest quality ingredients for all dogs and cats are well on it’s way!  And on it’s way big time! We are pleased to say that Dr. Tim’s Pet Food has feed the 2012 Iditarod Sled Dog winners and the 2013 Iditarod Sled Dog winners.