Crowd Funding For Animals

Lisa Smith-Putnam on Pet Life Radio

Meet Bruce Van Heel! Bruce is a man who is passionate about one thing…ANIMALS! Having success with various internet start-up companies and knowledge of, Bruce has created a specialty crowd funding platform called CrowdFunding For Animals. Yes, you read it correctly- Crowd Funding for (4) Animals… A Crowd Funding company that specifically deals with raising money for animals!

Bruce shares with Lisa’s audience the excitement of this company launch and why it is so important to him and he believes you, the wonderful pet owners of the world. As he puts it, Crowdfunding4Animals.Net is a community of crowds that help to spread the word, pledge and/or do both to help find the needed funds to care for the health and well-being of pets and animals who need help. This is a specialty platform that serves both private non-profit groups & pet owners alike. He hopes that many people will tune in and spread the word for those who might need assistance or who knows, you might want to give assistance to someone who has a wonderful animal that just needs a helping hand. As the song says, “we get by with a little help from our friends…”

Also, don’t miss the announcement that Our wonderful Host Lisa Smith-Putnam makes as it relates to the CrowdFunding For Animals platform… you will be happy that you tuned into this one for many reasons, that is just one! We can not wait for you to tune-in! Enjoy!


Bruce Van Heel is a start-up specialists, he has been involved in the creation and/or with the launch team several  E commerce, Crowdfunding and other digital entertainment properties since the mid-90s with the beginnings of Realtor.Com, shareItUp.Com, GetFunded.Com. He is latest start-up and his forever passion is a specialty funding platform of www.Crowdfunding4Animals.Net.

Crowd Funding For Animals is a platform created to help animal caretakers find financial assistance when there is no place else to turn. The platform provides the resources necessary to spread the word through most of the social media platforms and by email. Urgent campaigns will be verified quickly in order to care for the health & well-being of any animal in an extreme emergency situation. This is a specialty platform that serves both private non-profit groups & pet owners alike.