Relaxation Music for Pets

Lisa Smith-Putnam on Pet Life Radio

Your Pets My Dogs welcomes Janet Marlow to the show. Did you know that an estimated 1.5 million dogs (just in the U.K. alone) currently suffer from Home Alone syndrome? It is known as separation distress the condition can leave pets, but especially dogs, feeling traumatized by the whole experience as a young child would be. Its not just humans that suffer on a Monday mornings return to work, pets all over the world suffer too!  What can we do? Well, search no further for a cure…Janet Marlow to the rescue.

You talk about one talented lady! Janet Marlow is known for her ground breaking research on music designed especially for dogs, cats, horses and birds. Her company Pet Acoustics Inc. was formed to bring awareness to pet caregivers of the complex world of animals to help them feel a sense of well being in their environment. Pet Acoustics research on the hearing sense of animals have inspired socially designed products to enhance the lives of dogs, cats horses and birds to maintain balance and well being in their living environment.

What is it that makes Janet an expert in this area besides her extensive research? Well, we have the answer- Janet is an international recording artist known for her mastery of multiple styles of guitar, composing and jazz vocals. She has composed for television documentaries; stage premieres in Hong Kong and Europe and performs on screen in Woody Allen's Celebrity. Now we all know that our adorable Host Lisa Smith-Putnam LOVES music, so you definitely what to tune in and hear all about Janet, her love of animals.

You will not want to miss her and Lisa talking about music, life with their fur babies and more. This show will make you smile and laugh. Who knows? You might even feel like singing. … WOOF to you


Janet Marlow is CEO and Co-Founder of Pet Acoustics Inc. Janet is a pet behaviorist, animal advocate, author, composer and researcher and is internationally known for her contribution to the understanding of sound and how this effects animal behavior.

 Her passion for the understanding of sound as a common language for the animal-human bond was inspired by her dogs and cats over a decade ago when she observed the repeated behavioral effect of music on their behaviors. Based on scientific data and research stems from a deep understanding of the power of sound, frequencies and vibrations. Her work with animal shelters veterinary hospitals, pet owner workshops and TV appearances continue to bring awareness to pet caregivers of the complex world of animals to help them feel safe and connected in their environment.

Janet’s Relaxation Music for Pets has proven success of putting animals at ease acoustically and scientifically. Music and Massage for a Stress Free Pet.”

Entrepreneur Magazine named her company, Pet Acoustics “Top 100 Companies for Brilliant Ideas”.