Big-Foot/Sasquatch - Man, Legend, Animal or Beast? Part 2

Lisa Smith-Putnam on Pet Life Radio

We pick up from part one of our Bigfoot ~ Sasquatch interview is it man, legend, animal, or beast? Our Host Lisa Smith-Putnam gets first hand accounts from our two investigative reporters Jeffrey Gonzales and Allen Thomas. Jeff and Allen are experts on everything Big-Foot! Sasquatch, so we are excited to have them on the show!

Don’t worry if you missed the first show, feel free to go back in the archives and listen anytime! You can still enjoy this episode without having heard the first show! We promise YOU that you  will not be disappointed. Maybe a little scared to go out in the woods, maybe or maybe not! But disappointed…heck no!

Enjoy! This is a new year for us here at Your Pets My Dogs and we have lots to bring you. Don’t  forget to let us know what you think and share with us any stories /people you would like  Our Host Lisa Smith-Putnam interview. We love our listening audience and we always aim to please!!

 Lisa Smith-Putnam interviews Jeffrey Gonzales and Allen Thomas on Pet Life Radio


Jeffrey Gonzalez and Allen Thomas talk about the latest Paranormal news, locally, and from around the world on their radio and television show Paranormal Central!

​These guys are not just talk show hosts, they are also Paranormal Investigator's. Founding the Sanger Paranormal Society in 2001, has allowed the team to come up close and personal with the paranormal.