My Eternal Family Tree

Lisa Smith-Putnam on Pet Life Radio

Lisa Smith-Putnam host of Your Pets My Dogs welcomes another Lisa to her show this week. Lisa Brambilla is the creator of BioUrn and the president of My Eternal Family Tree.  Lisa Brambilla has a great of love for animals and even a great passion about life.

This amazing woman after losing one of her pets wanted to celebrate  life and came up with what our host Lisa Smith-Putnam thinks is a blessing to all who have suffered a loss and a fantastic to way to celebrate their life through this unique product.

"Following their memorial service, we realized the need to "close the circle" with their cremated remains and wanted to do so in a loving and respectful way." What better way to pay tribute to your loved one while giving back to the earth. Lisa Brambilla has truly solved one of the hardest questions that we answer hear today. "How do we say goodbye and yet celebrate the life of that beloved pet.? "Think about it, your pet can live on long after they have crossed over to the rainbow bridge that is something to talk about and on the Your Pets my Dog show we do just that today!

We are celebrating life and chatting it up with Lisa Brambilla and we must confess, this show truly rocks! We know you are going to love it! Let us know what you think! Better yet, show Lisa Brambilla some love and let her know what you think - you will be glad that you did!


Lisa Brambilla in her own words-

My story is about a 55 year old wife, mom, pet-lover & cancer survivor, who left a successful corporate career & set out to change the way we say "good bye" to our loved ones with a seed & a little cloth basket. My name is Lisa,
& my product is called "BioUrn".

As a devoted pet lover, my house is always filled with dogs, and as every pet lover knows, the hardest part of loving a pet is saying "good bye". After the recent loss of a pet, I came home from my vet's office with another urn only to realize that I had no room left on my mantle.  It was at that moment that I was motivated to create a solution to this dilemma. This solution should be green, affordable & eco-friendly, while providing a thoughtful & respectful way to "close the circle" with a loving tribute to my beloved companions.  I created BioUrnT and started my company, My Eternal Family Tree LLC.