Earth Island

Lisa Smith-Putnam on Pet Life Radio

Your Pets My Dogs fans we are excited that our loveable host Ms. Lisa Smith-Putnam was so excited to bring you this show! Lisa loves all animals; however this is the first time that she has been fortunate enough to do an interview about some of our aquatic animals…YEAH!

Ever wonder why we as humans are so fascinated with Dolphins? Just how smart are they? Ever just wonder about marine life in general? Well, today we welcome Mark J. Palmer to the show. Mark is the Associate Director of Earth Island Institute. Richard O’Barry is the Director of  the  Earth Island Institute  and if you don’t recognize his name, it’s okay…you will by the end of this show!  Richard trained our beloved television star “Flipper”, He worked for 10 years within the dolphin captivity industry, and has spent the past 40 working against it. In January 2006.

Earth Island Institute was fashioned, in one sense, to encourage people to be bold. The name Earth Island came from Margaret Mead, who urged respect for “The Island Earth.” Her famous admonition, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has,” could be the organization’s motto.

It is this motto  that makes the Earth Island Institute so enduring to many over the last few years! It is with this same passion in which Lisa welcomes Mark and his love  for Marine Life to the Your Pets My Dogs radio show today… anyone who dedicates their life to helping those who do not have a voice all their own whether it be an animal or a human is a friend of this show! Welcome friends! We truly hope you enjoy this show.


Mark J. Palmer is Associate Director of Earth Island Institute’s International Marine Mammal Project, focusing on protecting whales and dolphins, with emphasis on strategic planning, legislative advocacy, legal research, grassroots organizing, and media relations.  He is also Director of Earth Island Institute’s Wildlife Alive Subproject, dedicated to protecting wildlife and wild places throughout California and the West.

His articles have appeared in several national publications, including Sierra Magazine, Pacific Discovery (aka Wild California), USA Today, and Earth Island Journal.  He has edited and contributed to several books, including Friends of the Earth Whale Manual, Cougar: The American Lion, and Behind the Dolphin Smile.