A Show of Thanksgiving

Lisa Smith-Putnam on Pet Life Radio

We here at Your Pets My Dogsare THANKFUL for you our listening audience. YOU wonderful pet/animal lovers make the world a better place!

If you have enjoyed listening to the Your Pets My Dog Radio Show certainly you will find this show of Thanksgiving among one of your favorites. Our lovable host Lisa Smith-Putnam in this Thanksgiving special chats it up with some of her favorite people as they share stories about their pets and why they love them so!

We here at Your Pets My Dogs loved doing this show so much that we have decided to include this feature as one of our regular segments in the new our 2015 season of the Your Pets My Dogs Radio program!

If you have a story of Thanksgiving as it relates to your loveable pets, friends or just life in general...please drop us an email and share your story with us. Life is all about the things we give "THANKS" for and not just in this month of Thanksgiving, but all year long!

Life happens when you least expect it and here at Your Pets My Dogs you never knowwhat you are going to get...so, make every day count and start by giving us a listen. Our promise: You will laugh a bit, maybe even tear up a bit, but if you love animals  - our promise is your heart will feel a bit better about including us in your day!

*please note: this is our Thanksgiving Special (show format is not like our regular weekly shows) -please visit the Your Pets My Dogs library to listen to some of our past shows. We believe you will find them equally as delightful and or other show segments/stories are surely to bring a smile to your face and ponder about some of the interesting pet/animals facts that sneak in during the show!