Healthy Paws for Happy Pets

Lisa Smith-Putnam on Pet Life Radio

You will NEVER look at Pet Insurance the same way again. We would not steer you wrong on this one folks. We believe so much in our pets being protected that we went out and found one of the best companies we believe for Pet Insurance. We ask them the hard questions regarding Pet Insurance that you TRULY want to know the answers too!

Chief Pet Protector/ CEO Rob Jackson joins Lisa Smith-Putnam (LSP) on Your Pets My Dogs and speaks openly and candidly about Pet Insurance. Healthy Paws Pet Insurance & Foundation (Healthy Paws) was created in 2009 by co-founders Steve Siadek, COO, and Rob Jackson, CEO, is on a mission to help pet parents give their pets the best veterinary care available while giving back to the animal welfare community. "With today's economic uncertainty, many 'rainy day' and 'emergency' funds are already being tapped into for everyday expenses and might not be available to help with a pet's medical expenses. A good insurance company makes it easy to understand what a plan does and does not cover." Healthy Paws plans have unlimited lifetime benefits with no annual or per incident caps. Healthy Paws is the only company offering unlimited lifetime benefits with an annual deductible.

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