A Whale of a Show!

Lisa Smith-Putnam on Pet Life Radio

Your Pets My Dogs is ALL about whales today as we welcome Mr. DJ Schubert from the Animal Welfare Institute (AWI) to the show! That’s right we are talking about whales! Everything you have always wanted to know about these mammals will probably be answered here today on our show. Ok, maybe not everything, but this show is one of our favorites because our host, loveable Lisa Smith-Putnam has fun discussing and asking Mr. DJ Shubert about the lives of these magnificent creatures.

Learn about all the different types of whales and how they live and what they eat and do they really do have “family” pods? Lately, so many have whales have encountered us humans or perhaps we should say we are encountering them more and more. However, many people are also lending to the decline of the mammals and DJ shares with us what we all can do to protect not just the whales in our oceans, but ALL the creatures that inhabit our oceans! Did you know that whales have one of the largest brains here on earth? Yeah, we didn’t either and it is a true story! So, join us today and welcome to our world…The wonderful world of Your Pets My Dogs!


About the Animal Welfare Institute
The Animal Welfare Institute (AWI) is a non-profit charitable organization founded in 1951 and dedicated to reducing animal suffering caused by people. AWI engages policymakers, scientists, industry, and the public to achieve better treatment of animals everywhere—in the laboratory, on the farm, in commerce, at home, and in the wild.

D.J. Schubert
Mr. Schubert is a wildlife biologist employed by the Animal Welfare Institute, a non-profit animal protection organization headquartered in Washington, DC, where he works on a variety of national and international wildlife issues. D.J. has a BS in Wildlife Biology from Arizona State University. His career in the animal protection movements spans more than 20 years and a number of advocacy campaigns. Such campaigns have involved a wide array of species and issues including Yellowstone's bison, mountain lions, argali sheep, predator control, black and grizzly bears, sport-hunting, squirrels, coyotes, ungulate management, whales, off-road vehicle management, koalas, international wildlife trade, wild horses and burros, deer, airport bird control, elk, beavers, endangered species conservation, and migratory birds. He has been employed by several organizations with his responsibilities ranging from undercover investigations to managing the Cleveland Amory Black Beauty Ranch, a national animal sanctuary. His educational background, broad range of experiences, along with his interest in the law has allowed him to effectively combine science and law in his wildlife advocacy campaigns.