You Don't Know Djak

Lisa Smith-Putnam on Pet Life Radio

Our Host Lisa Smith Putnam for the Your Pets My Dogs radio show speaks with Jovana Djak this week. Jovana Djak is a 31 year old who seems to have the world by the tail. She is focused on meeting strangers on Facebook (ok, so they're not total strangers becauseas she says, we all have the dogs in common- in this case French bulldogs). Jovana concentrates on our need to connect to people, and how these people are less strangers that even those we know in real life, because for years we have been part of each other's lives, through the dogs. This is a fascinating show as we look at sharing our love of animals through one of the biggest social mediums out there. We all learn a little something with show and WE love it!


Jovana Djak loves cooking, painting, writing. Jovana was supposed to be a filmmaker, but after graduating 6 years of film studies in Europe she decided that's not what she wanted to do. 

For over three years, she has been running the Facebook page of Tails Untold Personalized Pet Book's page, and for over 4 years, her mother's dog's Facebook page. During those 4 years, she has met the most wonderful, kind and loving people that she has gotten to know as much as she can, and some, even met in "real life". Talking to other dog lovers (she is one of the few people that are a part of this French bulldog community on Facebook that actually doesn't own a dog), she has come to realize that dozens of them have met in real life and continue to meet, and some of them, including herself have made best friends.