Jeremy Cohen Pet Attorney
for Boston Dog Lawyers

Lisa Smith-Putnam on Pet Life Radio

What makes for a great show? Well, take a listen as we believe that a great show is where you can be entertained and walk away with some important information about the subject at hand or in this case, the subject at 'paw'.  Today we welcome attorney Jeremy Cohen to the Your Pets My Dogs radio show!

Attorney Jeremy Cohen is dedicated to representing dogs and their owners! And we mean dedicated! He has refused several high paying cases from clients asking him to help sentence a dog to death. His outlook on raising a dog will be educational. His knowledge with legal matters is very informative, most dog owners are not even aware of some laws that are currently on the books. Far too often Jeremy hears from people who learn what he does and they wish they’d known about him earlier, before the town took their dog and killed it. “…we are far too smart as a society to not consider all remedies that do not include euthanizing a pet…”

Often owners are ordered to put their dogs down because of an alleged biting or trespassing incident. Jeremy has been able to successfully challenge these orders in many instances. Most people don't realize that dogs have rights. In fact, many city ordinances mistakenly fail to notify owners that they are entitled to certain hearings before a dog is euthanized. Today you will find out the rights that you have and much more! Please join our host Lisa Smith Putnam for a fun and informative show that you are sure not to forget.


Jeremy Cohen has been practicing law for nearly 20 years. During the last 8 of those years he has represented dog owners when their right to have a pet has been restricted by local authorities. 

A lawyer should be more than just a source of information. Whether you are seeking legal representation for a personal injury, debt resolution, insurance subrogation, car accident or slip and fall, the attorney you hire should serve as a trusted advisor and mentor, someone who listens to your goals and identifies options to help you reach them. Jeremy believes that every dog and owner is entitled to be heard by an impartial decision maker where they can defend against allegations and fight for a dog’s life. Why is it that we spend months hearing evidence to determine whether a convicted murderer should be sentenced to death yet just a ten minute hearing about whether a dog should be killed? One reason is that a lot of dog owners are not aware that there are lawyers who can mount a defense for them.