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Lisa Smith-Putnam on Pet Life Radio

Fred Rembert the CEO of Doggy Hair Net is not afraid to let his passion shine through. In this interview you will hear about Fred’s wonderful love of animals, zest for life and about his wonderful Doggy Hair Nets. All pet owners who struggle with what to do when your beloved pet keeps leaving hair everywhere, might want to listen up. We love them, but we HATE the hair everywhere. What can we do? Well, glad you asked. You must give this show a listen and find out how one man turned his love of animals, his passion for a clean house into a thriving business that helps all in the name of love.

This story alone will make you a fan of Mr. Rembert, but after you hear his story of his amazing rescue of his dog Macie from an animal shelter you heart will be overjoyed that there are great people like friend in our world and making it a better place today! Make sure you give a listen and then head to doggy hairnet to find out how you might receive a free Doggy Hair Net for you pet! Enjoy the show!

Lisa Fimberg has done it! She is the Mother of social networking for our pets. We know we have your attention now. Lisa has figured out a way to blend our love of animals with our thirst for informative and up to date information about our pets.

Lisa wanted Petpav to be a site that was foremost social networking and then informational. A site that covers everything pet related. This is a forum to get advice directly from other pet owners. An owner can put a picture and profile of their pet on the site and choose not to post their own picture if he or she decides not to. he site is fun, upbeat, ageless and an interactive place for you and your pets! Kids, teens, even mature adults can put pictures of their pets on the site and tell their stories. No matter how you look at it, it’s just FUN!