Tail-Wagging Tunes

Lisa Smith-Putnam on Pet Life Radio

This interview will perhaps make you smile. It might even make you cry, but it is an interview that YOU won’t want to miss. Host Lisa Smith-Putnam thoroughly enjoys speaking with Skip Haynes - CEO of The Laurel Canyon Animal Company. The Laurel Canyon Animal Company is the only record company that we know of in the world that creates music about, for and with animals. Did you catch that? They consult with the animals and THEN they make music based off of what the animals say.

Skip and his crew receive this information from an animal communicator, who actually speaks to the animals. The animals tell the communicators what they like right down to what sort of instruments, vocals and melody etc. that they want to hear. WOW-we promise you that this is a true story! We know that it sounds a bit farfetched, but take a listen and then play the music for your pet and you will be a believer as well! With this show you will fall in love with Lisa all over again, and begin a love affair with Skip Haynes. His love for animals big and small runs deep!

Skip has made music and creating music with and for animals his life passion. Your Pets My Dogs celebrate Skip and his company. Here’s another treat for you…during the show if you listen closely because Skip is a music guy, Lisa talks about a few of the superstar artists that she has had the pleasure of working with over the years. We don’t want to brag…but Lisa won’t, so we will. Have you ever heard of  digital underground or Tupac Shakur? Yep-just to mention a few. That’s Lisa!