Breathe Again

Lisa Smith-Putnam on Pet Life Radio

It’s all about the air we breathe! “Since the first caveman noticed that his cave started smelling like week old Brontosaurus, man has tried different ways to make his dwelling smell better...”    Present day we use chemicals to make the room smell cleaner or more sanitary, but it actually does the opposite.  Your lungs don’t like vanilla flavored chemicals any more than they like breathing dirty air. Filtering is a little like herding cats.  It may be a great filter but getting the dust to cooperate and go THROUGH the filter is the hard (if not nearly impossible) part.

Oh SURE the answer sounds simple but the process is complicated and delicate.  Is it thunderstorms that emit the chemicals and conditions to purify the air we breathe? Well, these are the questions that we get the answers to from William Converse president and inventor of the Critter Zone Air Purifier. Over thirty years in the business and having served on the board of Indoor Air Quality, we believe he knows a little something –something!

Our host Lisa Smith-Putnam wants you to know that the Critter Zone is “a blessing” and helps us humans as well as our pets (our family) co-exist in an indoor environment by bringing that “outdoor” environment to you indoors! So, check out this episode! Lisa has not steered you wrong yet!

Oh! We almost forgot …for all of our listeners (because you are just that fantastic) Critter Zone is giving a $10 discount on your order. Use the code “PETLIFERADIO” for this offer! Woof to you and here’s to breathing a lot easier sooner than later.    Lisa and William agree, PETS ARE FAMILY, so if you are going to have your pets indoors why not make it an enjoyable and livable situation for all?