Bocker T Labradoodle

Lisa Smith-Putnam on Pet Life Radio

WOOF! With his captivating head tilt, human eyes and penchant for community service, Bocker brings smiles everywhere he goes. What can we say about Bocker the Labradoodle that has not been said before? He is handsome, he is kind and he is smart! Mother Nature did some of her best work with this wonderful four legged lovely animal that we have come to know and love by just one word~ BOCKER!

Bocker is truly an amazing dog. Not only is he an actor, Spokesdog for Animal Advocacy, Bocker is also a certified therapy dog  who is also well known for his numerous tv commercial cameos and modeling and just recently has become an Author~ the book Chasing Bocker's Tale. This is Bocker’s first and we certainly hope it will not be his last.

So, join us by listening to this fun loving interview and hear the delightful stories of Bocker and the many ways he is reaching out and pawing (touching) so many lives. Our Host Lisa Smith-Putnam has a delightful conversation with Bocker’s human mom Marie Shelto. A delight in her own right who unselfishly allows Bocker to be in the spotlight for the wonderful things that he does…we think they are both pretty incredible giving and loving spirits! Recently our Wonder Dog visited Sandy Hook, Newtown, CT as part of the day to support all the wonderful people and local businesses of the town that suffered a great and tragic community loss earlier this year. It’s no secret that Bocker loves to give and his visit to Sandy Hook truly made his heart sing! You see Bocker LOVES making people smile! It’s just that simple. LOVE IS LOVE! Feel free to check out Bocker’s website for a plush toy and his book, Chasing Bocker's Tale YOU will be glad that you did! If you have enjoy a good story this is the show for you, besides you can find out how Bocker got his name! And if you love a good book~ did we mention Bocker’s new book Chasing Bocker's Tale?